Why "etalk?

As marketers ourselves, we were constantly faced with challenges around story-telling.

Frustrated that we knew colleagues had brilliant stories to tell but no systematic way of getting them to marketing. Of course they’d like a grumble too about the lack of marketing support!

Then there’s all the time wasted repurposing content for different channels because our many systems didn’t talk to one another – CMS, CRM, social tools, email systems the list goes on.

So we created “etalk to make that all a thing of the past.

A single system that would cut it all out. One system, one story, multiple uses.

“etalk was born.

In one place

With “etalk you can manage all of your digital communications in one place.

Enter a new story, publish it online, share it on your social channels, send via email or SMS and monitor engagement – all done in seconds. 

“etalk helps you to develop and maintain positive communities; be proactive and drive the conversation.

Easy to use

“etalk has been built for marketers, by marketers, so it’s effective and easy to use.

The intuitive administration tool uses a simple step-by-step process, so anyone can add content that’s automatically optimised for every channel. What’s more with built in user permissions, you can curate and manage stories from all around your organisation and get them to the people that matter, quickly.

Integrated reporting means you’ll know what’s worked well and what hasn’t, so you can continually improve your communications. You can share your results with colleagues, the management team, trust or governing body with ease so everyone is kept up to date with your marketing efforts. That could be through the built-in graphics functionality or by exporting the data – your choice.

The email builder automatically draws content from “etalk, so no more hunting around for stories – they are all there when you need them. Simply click and add.

And the media library means you can keep all of your images and videos in one place; store, share and re-share.

Team collaboration

It’s easy to get new team members involved and actively using “etalk.

Administrators can allocate and remove user permissions and approve and schedule content for publishing. That puts you in control over what goes out, when.

Positive Communities Through Active Conversations

“etalk is there to help you build positive communities. Everyone can get involved and actively participating in the conversation in a way that suits them, whether on social media, email or web.

“etalk helps you to communicate quickly, consistently and with ease.