Every story told.

Every audience connected.

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Being a marketer is challenging, we know that.

Multiple demands, limited resources.

Knowing there are hidden stories in your organisation waiting to be told.

Knowing that if you find them, time is wasted repurposing content for different channels.

We all want to spend more more time on the things that matter and less time on the things that don’t.

That’s where “etalk comes in.

“etalk was created by marketers for marketers and designed with a single-minded purpose:

To help you get great stories out every corner of your organisation and distribute them seamlessly across digital media.

It was born out of frustration;  we knew there was a better way to curate and distribute content.

We do this through layered system permissions and approval chains, a set structure for colleagues to enter stories and seamless publishing to web, email, social* and SMS.

*Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Involve colleagues

Share Content

One-click web publishing.

Social media
Send optimised content out to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn within seconds.

No more hunting around for stories. Generate emails instantly with the easy-to-use email builder.


*SMS text messages purchased separately.

Store assets

Create Conversations

Because “etalk gives you the tools to create and maintain positive conversations with your audiences, it helps you to communicate internally and externally about the great work you are doing.

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